The CHED Caraga Scholarship Unit conducted a virtual orientation with the Academic Year 2023-2024 batch of awardees of the Scholarship Program for Coconut Farmers and their Families (CoScho) on February 1, 2024, wherein the specifics of the scholarship were detailed for the information of the student scholars. Scholars were also reminded of their duties and responsibilities as awardees of the CoScho by the Supervising Education Program Specialist and Scholarship Unit Supervisor-in-charge, Ms. Noeme Rose Mani, CPA, MM.

The Notice of Award (NOA) was awarded to the scholarship awardees via their accounts in the CoScho Online Portal.

The HEI Scholarship Coordinators were also in attendance during the orientation. OIC Regional Director Ms. Alma Sy-Patron, JD, RSW, MSW was present to welcome and congratulate the student scholars with an inspirational message prior to the orientation proper.