If you have any questions or concerns, here’s how you may contact us:
Official Email Address: chedcaraga@ched.gov.ph
Facebook Page: fb.com/chedcaragaph
Address:  HEDF Building, Brgy. Ampayon, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte 
Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UniFAST)
Tel. No: (085) 816-2406
Mobile No: 0930 903 6281
Email: unifast.caraga@ched.gov.ph
CHED Scholarship Programs (CSP)
Tel. No: (085) 815-3698
Mobile No: 0912 089 2045
Email: chedcaragastufaps@ched.gov.ph 
Scholarships for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP)
Email: sikapgrant.caraga@ched.gov.ph
FB Page: Sgsl Caraga
Mobile No: 0920 876 6879
Records Section/Front Desk:
Tel. No: (085) 817-3101
Mobile No: 0948 481 5653
Email: caragarecords@ched.gov.ph
Office of the Regional Director
Tel. No: (085) 816-2406
Technical Division/Education Supervisors
Tel. No: (085) 817-0896
Chief Educational Program Specialist
Tel. No: (085) 816-2409
Administrative Division
Tel. No: (085) 817-0930
For all communications, you may address it to our regional director:
OIC – Office of the Regional Director
CHED Caraga
HEDF Building, Brgy. Ampayon, Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte

Updated as of July 03, 2023