CHED Caraga Quality Policy Statement

We, at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Caraga Regional Office, shall lead the Caraga higher education sector to:

  • Cultivate an equitable and sustainable Caraga higher education landscape that produces locally responsive, innovative, globally competitive graduates, and lifelong learners in response to the Caraga Regional Development Council’s Industrialize and Innovate Fishery, Agroforestry, Mining and Ecotourism (i2FAME) in the Region;
  • Harmonize mandates to promote inclusive access to higher education, ensure sustainable quality assurance of programs, and assert the relevance of institutions;
  • Exemplify resilience and humility in service, integrity, excellence, and development-driven mindset; and,
  • Demonstrate commitment to fulfill statutory and regulatory requirements to maintain and achieve continual improvement in our Quality Management System to achieve our vision.

CHED Caraga shall keep the Quality Policy Statement as documented information and shall communicate this information through, but not limited to, incorporation in digital displays and other forms of visual media, distribution of electronic copies through email, posting in the official website ( and integration into the onboarding process of new employees.