The Commission on Higher Education – Caraga Regional Office (CHED Caraga) culminated the three-day celebration of the 2nd National Higher Education Day (NHED) and CHED 28th Founding Anniversary with a full day of health and wellness-related activities on May 18, 2022.

CHED personnel were able to take a break from their desks to enjoy a jam-packed schedule of fun and meaningful team-building activities under the summer sun.

First on the itinerary was an early morning Malunggay tree-planting activity at Barangay Taligaman, where personnel lined the roadsides with 100 malunggay saplings to provide local residents with easy access to malunggay leaves as a healthy addition to their diets.

The personnel then proceeded to the poolside area of the Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center to participate in a brief health seminar on sports-related injuries and basic first aid.

Following the seminar, a series of team-building competitive activities were facilitated in the afternoon by the Human Resources Unit, including a team cheer, sack race, straw planting, skipping rope, calamansi relay, tug of war, and pool race. After the official team-building activities, a few rounds of friendly pool volleyball were played by personnel in the water.

Shortly after sundown, personnel re-convened at the poolside area donning their best hawaiian-inspired outfits for the culmination program and awarding ceremony. Prior to the awarding, Director IV Dr. George Colorado, whose birthday coincided with the culmination activity, was treated to special musical and dance performances by the CHED Caraga personnel in a show of appreciation.

Below is the summary of activities and its respective winners:

Sports ActivitiesWinners
ChessTeam 1
Dama – Men CategoryTeam 1
Dama – Women CategoryTeam 1
DartsTeam 1
ScrabbleTeam 2
Table Tennis – Men CategoryTeam 3
Table tennis – Mixed CategoryTeam 3
Quiz BowlTeam 4
Team-Building GamesWinners
Team CheerTeam 1
Calamansi Relay
Pool RaceTeam 3 & Team 1
Sack Race
Straw Planting RaceTeam 1
Skipping RopeTeam 1
Tug of WarTeam 1

Team 1 was able to take home the prestigious award of overall champion, but everyone was a winner that day as it was a time to relax, have fun, partake in friendly competition and sports, and enjoy the company of fellow colleagues.

The activities were conducted to achieve the following objectives in relation to the CHED Caraga Health and Wellness activities in celebration of the 2nd NHED and CHED 28th Founding Anniversary: to improve the overall health of the personnel; develop sportsmanship, talent and camaraderie among CHED Personnel; and to enhance effective coordination between the employees.