The Commission on Higher Education – Caraga Regional Office (CHED Caraga) organized a day of fun and camaraderie centered on health and wellness with a series of activities that challenged the physical and mental skills of CHEDans. The activities were conducted during the Women’s Month culmination program on March 31, 2022.

The office personnel were divided into four (4) co-ed teams to compete in four (4) sports activities, namely: dama, darts, shooting, and table tennis. Each sport had men’s and women’s categories, with an additional mixed category for table tennis. Moreover, a “Battle of the Brains” quiz bowl was also conducted wherein the four teams battled for the most points in answering questions and trivia related to women, notable Filipinas in history, and women’s rights.

Below is the summary of activities and its respective winners:

Activity Winners
Dama – Men Category Mr. Misael Cabang (Team 3)
Dama – Women Category Ms. Mercedes Rebita (Team 3)
Darts – Women Category Ms. Noeme Mani & Ms.Trician Gozon (Team 4)
Darts – Men Category Mr. Amy Saavedra & Mr. Francis Ilagan (Team 1)
Shooting – Men Category Mr. Ronan Otaza (Team 4)
Shooting – Women Category Ms. Christy Joy Lajos (Team 1)
Table Tennis – Men Category Mr. Calwin Alegre (Team 3)
TableTennis – Women Category Ms. Shiena Bali-os (Team 3)
Table Tennis – Mixed Category Mr. Calwin Alegre & Ms. Mercedes Rebita (Team 3)
Battle of the Brains Quiz Bowl Ms. Jan Myrtle Villanueva, Ms. Mona Pia Galing, Ms. Judith Makidato (Team 2)

Team 3 was able to take home the prestigious award of overall champion, but everyone was a winner that day as it was a time to relax, have fun, partake in friendly competition, and enjoy the company of fellow colleagues.

The series of health and wellness activities were able to achieve the objectives of developing sportsmanship, talent, camaraderie, and enhance effective coordination between the personnel; to empower women by participating in regional activities that will raise awareness on issues that matter to them; to celebrate Filipino women in the region in support of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW); and to coincide with the worldwide observance of the International Women’s Celebration.