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The Commission on Higher Education – Caraga Regional Office (CHED Caraga) conducted an in-person institutional visit to Saint Michael College of Caraga (SMCC) in Nasipit on April 6, 2022.

The visit was conducted by the full-force team of the Technical Division, namely Chief Education Program Specialist Dr. Julia Felisa Martinez, Supervising Education Program Specialist Ms. Noeme Rose Mani, and Education Supervisors II Dr. Frederick Amihan, Dr. Criseldo Calinawan, Mr. Amy Saavedra, and Dr. Rolyna Trugillo, led by Regional Director George Colorado.

SMCC was assessed on the following areas:
* All programs offered
* Student Affairs and Services (SAS); Scholarships; Tuition and Other School Fees (TOSF)
* Research and Extension; COVID-19 related activities eg. Vaccination, Policies, Limited face-to-face classes (if implemented)
* National Service Training Program (NSTP)
* Governance and Management
* Library
* Laboratory and Support Facilities

The institutional visit and subsequent monitoring and evaluation of the school was done as part of the mandate of CHED to ensure HEIs delivery of quality education and compliance to the Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSGs) of the offered programs.