The Commission on Higher Education – Caraga Regional Office (CHED Caraga) showcased its talents once again during the CHED-wide Virtual Flag Raising Ceremony on December 13, 2021 as one of the last regions of the year to serve as host for the weekly ceremony, spearheaded and scheduled by the CHED Central Office as a means for its central and regional offices to convene and commune. The Office molded its program over the theme, “Bugsay sa Kalampusan (o Sagwan Tungo sa Tagumpay): Christmas Balangayan in the Higher Education Sector,” as the holidays drew near.


Present to give their messages of inspiration were CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. Leonida S. Calagui, President of Caraga Higher Education Institutions’ Association of Presidents & Heads (or CHEIAPH), and President of the Caraga State University (CSU) Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, and Chairman of the Regional Development Committee (RDC) and the Provincial Governor of Agusan Del Norte, Hon. Dale B. Corvera.


“With Christmas around the corner, famously a season of selfless giving for Filipinos, there is no mission more fitting for us as a balangayan of public servants to our brave students and frontliners in the higher education sector who continue to work hard amid nearly two years of this pandemic,” said Director Calagui, enjoining the organization to continue working together.


Dr. Penaso further inspired the participants with his message. “Indeed, leading the Higher Education sector is like sailing in the vast ocean of challenges and opportunities. We can use any wind to go in any direction. We may not be able to control the wind, the waves, and the current, but we can surely adjust our sail.” 


As keynote speaker, Hon. Corvera discussed the ways in which CHED and the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can work together to uplift the standards of Higher Education in the region and country. “The three C’s of Higher Education, which are Competition, Collaboration, and Complementarity, highlight the aspects that the HEIs must consider, particularly in making policies and in looking at the practical impact to any intervention to students and staff. From mutual sharing of resources and ideas, there is a high probability that HEIs achieve their goals way better than working in silos.”


Participated by CHED Caraga personnel in full force, the program involved performances of the Philippine National Anthem, ASEAN Hymn, and other hymns as is traditionally done during the CHED flag ceremony. The program ended with the singing of the song “Andito Tayo Para Sa Isa’t Isa” from the ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID by all personnel in the office.


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