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The Commission on Higher Education – Caraga Regional Office (CHED Caraga) conducted a virtual orientation with the 305 new awardees of the CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) for the Academic Year 2021-2022 on the afternoon of November 8, 2021 via ZOOM Cloud Meetings.

In attendance for the orientation with the scholars were also the proud parents and guardians whose children bested over 11,300 applicants and over 4,000 qualified candidates for the coveted slots. Scholarship coordinators from Caraga Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) also attended the orientation.

In her opening message, CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. Leonida S. Calagui congratulated the scholars and reminded them to make the most of the opportunity afforded to them through the CSP.

“You are so fortunate, lucky, and blessed because you were chosen from the many […] Do not let any single centavo go into waste,” she remarked.

Dr. Calagui also addressed the parents and guardians, stressing to them the importance of their role in guiding their children in the right direction with their education. Before ending her speech she also addressed the scholarship coordinators, enjoining them and their respective HEIs to work together with CHED Caraga for the scholars to successfully accomplish their studies.

Presenting the Notice of Award (NOA), or the letter the students will receive informing them of their successful availment of a CSP slot, was Dr. Criseldo Calinawan, Education Supervisor II and Scholarship Coordinator at CHED Caraga. He also led the review of policies and guidelines for the CSP, detailing the specifics of the scholarship for the information of the students, HEI scholarship coordinators, and parents and guardians. Scholars were also reminded of their duties and responsibilities as awardees of the CSP.

The virtual floor was opened for questions and concerns from the scholars during the open forum, all of which were addressed and answered by Dr. Calinawan and Dr. Calagui.

The orientation concluded with Dr. Calagui giving the closing remarks.

To learn more about the CSP and other scholarship and grants-in-aid programs, visit the CHED Caraga Facebook page at www.facebook.com/chedcaragaph and the CHED Caraga StuFAPs page at www.facebook.com/stufaps.chedcaraga. You may also visit the CHED Caraga website at www.chedcaraga.ph.