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The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) – Caraga Regional Office held a webinar on the afternoon of May 21, 2021 with students and coordinators of Caraga Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), as well as CHED Caraga personnel on the topic, Endurance in a Season of Restoration in the Workplace. This webinar was conducted from the CHEDRO-Caraga HEDC Building via ZOOM Cloud Meetings in conjunction with the 1st National Higher Education Day and CHED’s 27th Anniversary.

The resource speaker for the webinar was Prof. Ruth E. Sanchez, who is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology – Major in Clinical Psychology from Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), and is a Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences at Caraga State University Main Campus (CSU Main). As a starting point for her discussion on endurance, Prof. Sanchez began with an activity wherein participants answered a questionnaire that assessed their current emotional, social, and intellectual health.

She then discussed the basic truths of endurance, wherein she posited that there are many obstacles that one must learn to endure in the workplace or organization, such as hardships, persecution, sufferings, and more. She emphasized the importance of living a life of endurance as a means to build character, and to structure one’s lifestyle and work in order to build discipline and endurance.

“We must learn to endure in order to be people of hope,” Prof. Sanchez said.

Prof. Sanchez proceeded to discuss ways in which one can live a life of endurance. She highlighted the value of growing deep roots in love, knowledge, and health. She also highlighted the importance of integrity, strengthening the soul, having a goal to focus on, and guarding the heart.

After the discussion, Prof. Sanchez opened the floor for participants to share their reflections and experiences related to the discussion on endurance.

The webinar closed with a message from Dr. Frederick C. Amihan, Education Supervisor II.

The weeklong activities for the 1st National Higher Education Day and CHED’s 27th Anniversary ran from May 17 to May 21, 2021. See the recorded virtual events at our official website, www.chedcaraga.ph, or at our official Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/CHEDCaragaPH.