Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Caraga Regional Office conducted an oathtaking ceremony for its Cost of Service (COS) employees on February 17, 2021 at the 3rd floor HEDC Building, CSU Campus, Ampayon, Butuan City.

The activity was done in compliance with the Civil Service Commission rules emphasizing that public servants are obliged to serve the people and its country. The employees’ oaths are a sign of allegiance and loyalty not just to CHED Caraga, but to the Republic of the Philippines as well.

The Regional Director, Dr. Leonida S. Calagui, virtually administered the oath of office to all employees. She then gladly thanked the employees for the time and service they have rendered to CHED Caraga. After the oath-taking, the employees virtually introduced themselves to the Regional Director and had a short informal conversation with her. An office tour was also done to welcome the new additional employees of CHED Caraga.

Having been appointed in their present positions, the employees have been oriented on the new different deliverables expected of them. CHED Caraga staff were as well reminded to undertake tasks to the best of their ability and to manifest loyalty in the workplace and in serving the people.